Menu - Mellow Beer&Wine in Kazan
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Smoked nuts

290 RUB

Chicken liver pate with onion jam

360 RUB

Viennese olives

160 RUB

Bruschetta with shrimp, avocado and soy caramel

330 RUB

Sun-dried tomatoes

 180 RUB

Bruschetta with salmon and cheese-oyster cream

330 RUB


280 RUB

Tostados with crispy shrimp and guacamole

290 RUB


240 RUB

Fresh salmon pate on shrimp chips

290 RUB

Chilled / fried Magadan shrimps

750 RUB

Shrimp tacos with tangerine and sweet pottato cream

290 RUB


220 RUB

Cucumber kimchi

160 RUB

Premium oyster

360 RUB

Dried duck with persimmon and sweet potato cream

360 RUB

Cheese plate

790 RUB

Vitello Tonnato 

510 RUB

Plate with cold cuts

790 RUB

Beef tartare with creamy horseradish

460 RUB

Salmon tartare with avocado, cream sauce and sun-dried tomatoes

480 RUB

Tuna tartare with chuka and avocado salad

440 RUB


Scallop with shiitake and cauliflower in a creamy port wine sauce

510 RUB

Spicy tiger shrimps in wasabi sauce

530 RUB

Breaded camembert with pear sauce 

510 RUB

Burgundy Snails 

280 RUB

Deep fried mozzarella with berry sauce

330 RUB

Black Mussels Mariniere

510 RUB

Baked camembert with berry sauce

470 RUB

New Zealand Mussels baked with spicy sauce

510 RUB

Chicken & Chips

390 RUB

Fish & Chips

450 RUB


With chicken curry

450 RUB

Salad with cold smoked salmon, Caciotta cheese and Caesar sauce

440 RUB

Nicoise salad

440 RUB

California salad with crab

530 RUB

Salad with stewed beef, eggplant, tomatoes, oyster-garlic sauce

450 RUB


Tom Yum

490 RUB


470 RUB

Cheese soup with smoked duck and mushrooms

460 RUB


Mellow beef with fresh vegetables

750 RUB

Pasta with seafood

520 RUB

Salmon steak with salad in Asian sauce

620 RUB

Pasta with crab in creamy sauce

590 RUB

Machete Steak with Crispy Cauliflower and Dorblu Sauce

670 RUB

Tagliatelle with veal and oyster mushrooms in creamy sauce

490 RUB

Crazy Burger

490 RUB

Beef cheeks with cheese risoni

610 RUB

Spice burger with shrimps

450 RUB

Cod Fish with Acqua Pazza sauce

590 RUB


with shrimps

390 RUB

with pepperoni sausage and baked peppers

370 RUB

four cheeses with walnuts and honey

370 RUB

with mushrooms on white sauce and dor blue cheese

390 RUB


"Tomatoes" - cakes made from tender raspberry mousse and passion fruit puree

Meringue roll with pistachio-mango cream


Grilled vegetables

180 RUB

French fries

180 RUB

Sweet potato fries with mushroom aioli

310 RUB



50 RUB

Sweet chili

50 RUB


50 RUB


50 RUB