Team of MELLOW Beer&Wine
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The Mellow team is young and ambitious, not even a team, but a family, a community of people for whom it is interesting to develop themselves and to confess to others the aesthetics of consumption of quality drinks - wine and beer in the right combination with healthy, understandable and tasty food.

The founder and the author of the MELLOW concept is a purposeful

Mikhail Klopoukh

A person who spontaneously entered the trade and culinary lyceum, and now comes up with delicious dishes. 8 years of experience in this field make themselves felt! In turn, he prefers Italian and French cuisine, and his favorite dish is pasta. Chef and part-time manager of the gastrobar Mellow

Sergey Kozin


A manager who knows how delicious and interesring it is to describe any dish of our establishment

Ilnur Kotdusov


A young, but at the same time very experienced manager of the Mellow gastrobar, ready to offer any drink to your taste

Mikhail Kirillov