Gastrobar Mellow Beer&Wine in Kazan

The philosophy of the gastronomic Mellow is to bring to the society the culture and aesthetics of consumption of quality drinks - wines and beers from all over the world in the right combination with healthy, understandable and tasty food.

The concept of Mellow covers the most modern and cult trends - all this in the very center of Kazan in the historic building of the Bread Bazaar in 1795 built.

We stretch the horizons together.

A few touches: five minutes from the metro Kremlyovskaya, Tukaya Square, 22 cranes, more than 150 labels of wine and 100 positions of beer in the glass.


The Mellow team is young and ambitious, not even a team, but a family, a community of people for whom it is interesting to develop themselves and to confess to others the aesthetics of consumption of quality drinks - wine and beer in the right combination with healthy, understandable and tasty food.

The founder and the author of the MELLOW concept is a purposeful

Mikhail Klopoukh

An enthusiast of his work, he will beat a cucumber into a mousse, then invent a new dish and serve black caviar in an original way.
Being a good family man  he is a person of word and deed, with the right attitude to life and order, both at home and at work.

Dunaev Konstantin

Director, a person who has worked at Mellow since the first day, personally knows all the regular guests. He is well versed in wine and beer. He can advise gastronomic combinations or just keep up the conversation with unobtrusive humor. Shares his experience with waiters and managers.With all his heart he is a fan of “Mellow”.

Kalchenko Philipp


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